Personal Narrative: My Elementary And Secondary School

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My educational experience was fun, entertaining, and adventurous. My elementary and secondary school that I went to were in a small town. One on one help was always easy to get since my class contained about 25 children in the classroom and there was always an aide in the room. My elementary and secondary school did well in assisting anyone with homework or anything overall. Both the teachers and staff knew and cared about each one of the students that were enrolled in school. According to John Taylor Gatto, “They said the work was stupid, that it made no sense, that they already knew it.” This sounded similar to when I was in elementary and secondary school and even today in college. I know many students, including myself ask teachers, “When …show more content…
Our coach who has made us be so successful in the following years, finally became only a head coach. As we were approaching volleyball season again, we knew on the first day of practice that we wanted to make it to state our final year of high school. Our team knew what we had to prove on the court to exceed our coach’s and our community’s expectations. We made it to the state tournament in Huron, SD and received 5th place, which is consolation champions! The following upcoming sport was basketball, we had some of the same girls on the team as we did for volleyball. We knew we had what it took to make it to state again, but we also had to teach the other players how much effort and hard work it took to make it to the State ‘B’ Tournament. We practiced harder than we played hard in games and did well in majority of our games. We won our district game and had a very close game in regions, but we come out with the win! We drove to Huron, SD again and had expectations of not getting last place. We knew the competition was going to be tough, but our team knew we had the motivation to do well in this tournament. We competed and played three games total. We won our final game that we played, putting our team in 7th place for the tournament. However, this was the best game that I had ever played in my entire high school basketball career, which was exciting and devastating all at once. My life lessoned learned from playing sports was knowing that the effort I put into something is what I am going to get out of

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