Essay On Low Carb Diets

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There is so much controversy on weather or not low carb diets are good or bad for people. Many people believe that low carb diets such as Paleo and Adkins are a way of life and it actually works well with their bodies. On the other hand some people think that they are a waste of time and that they don’t work for them. Its all about your body and the different low carb diets that work you their needs. Low carb diets are not the way to go. If you eat the correct proportions of all foods and getting a good amount of exercise then you should have no problem losing weight. Most all of the low carb diets do is cut out carbohydrates, but again if you have a small portion of it then you shouldn’t have any problem with weight. By going on low carb diets you are loosing certain foods that are crucial to have in your body. Nutrition professionals have said that low carb diets can cause ketoacidosis. Which is an emergency and it …show more content…
Some people have been doing them for many years and see great results. They could benefit you if you use them the right way and don’t take advantage of them. It can’t hurt to try a low carb diet. If it doesn’t end up working you can always quit, but if it does work then you will benefit greatly from the diet. It depends on the diet one does, if you choose one that doesn’t completely cut out carbs it could be better for someone’s body to function correctly. Not all low carb diets are bad. You have to choose a good diet to go on that wont destroy your body. By taking on a low carb diet your health could suffer greatly from it. Your body will not be used to not having any carbs in your diet and it could cause you to be very tired and not have any energy. There are many other solutions other than a low carb diet. As stated before it all depends on what low carb diet you do. Most of the low carb diets are no good and could very easily ruin ones body. There is a lot to consider before committing to a low carb

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