Essay On Legislate Rights For Animals

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to legislate rights for animals. These philosophers contend that it would be a slippery slope to provide rights to animals. Speciecism would come into play and where would one make the cutoff? Insects, bacteria, whales, primates; which of these would be included and which would not? Raymond G. Frey, was a professor of philosophy at Bowling Green State University who made philosophical contributions to the work of placing animals within ethical theory. Frey has a complicated algorithm which states that an animal requires interests in order to have desires. Desires are based on beliefs and animals do not have the language skills necessary to define their beliefs (Frey, 1989). Carl Cohen, professor of philosophy at the University of Michigan, believes that an animal must be able to distinguish between what is right and their own self-interest. Further, the animal needs to be able to make moral judgments, not every individual in the species, but the individuals in the species which have the ability to do so (Cohen, 1986). The legal profession weighs in on this discussion with the views of Appellate Court Judge Richard Posner. His point of view is that of utilitarianism and his intuition. He understands that animals feel pain and it is wrong to be cruel to them but between an animal and a human the choice is always the human. Posner was confronted with the argument that intuition was the same argument used to deny rights to women, gays, and blacks. He countered that the changes…

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