The Wild Child Analysis

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As students, education is such an important phase in the developmental process. You begin with the basics, and eventually move on to more complicated forms of learning. For instance, as a baby you learn to walk, then crawl which is human instinct. But as you grow learning becomes more and more complicated. An important factor to learning is a teacher, and a teacher does not necessarily need to have the qualifications, for example most of your life as a baby, your parents teach you with intentions that you grow to be smart, responsible and able to make good decisions. While a classroom teacher may give students the proper education to be able to find a career that they love. This essay will provide firsthand information on the teacher Sandra …show more content…
This was something that really surprised me because a lot of students do not like math, and that can hinder how a teacher feels about the subject. However Sandra enjoys making math fun, and takes delight when student have that “Ah ha” moment when they understand a concept. This all reminds me of the movie we watched in class called “The Wild Child” directed by François Truffaut. In the movie a doctor tries his best to civilize a child raised by wolves. He tries many concepts, some work and some don’t. This is like math or any subject at all. You need to use different methods and styles to try your best to accommodate for your students. As a teacher you have to be able to meet the needs of each student in the classroom, which brought us to our next question. Sandra explained that she teaches students what they want to learn and what they have to learn, not what they already know. She expanded on that and said that it is important to access your students at the beginning of the year to see how they learn, and how they progress throughout the year. This allows her to offer feedback that will actually help the student …show more content…
She is the example of what a good teacher should do to help their students succeed. In the future Sandra would like to continue teaching and begin to work with ESL students. I’m very glad that I chose to interview Sandra because she gave me tips and ideas that I can integrate into my future classroom. Sandra taught me that being a teacher isn’t easy, but it is when you love your job. She loves what she does and constantly makes her classroom a fun and adequate environment for students to learn. She immersed herself into the environment and showed care to every individual student. I learned that in order to see good results in a classroom, everyone has to play a part in making a difference. My interview with Sandra with definitely stick with me, until I become a teacher so I can make an impact in my students lives, like Sandra does every

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