Perennialism In School

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Some have said that the government has been dumbing down Americans on purpose so that they could get away with oppressing the people. Others blame the increasing secularization of the Nation. Overcrowding the classrooms, overworked underpaid teachers try to keep their head afloat. Students test scores declining, dropouts increasing, bullying and violence in schools all are reasons parents want a choice as to where to educate their children. Many parents faced children failing classes, experiencing bullying, and feel they have no choice but to take their children out of those bad environments. In Washington State charter schools have not been voted into law a parents only choice is to send their kids to public
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Sam Smith discussed in the presentation Educational Learning Theories and Their Impact on Exceptionalism. Within transmission there is perennialism, the idea that there exists a universal knowledge that applies to all people for all time and that the knowledge needs to be embraced and passed down from generation to generation. Transformation, the idea that society of individuals need to be transformed, again what needs to be transformed would be greatly …show more content…
There was so much hype about the schools teaching science in school and how it goes against the Christian worldview and the school is going to ruin your child and take him far from God sent fear into young parents. “The number of parents reporting the ability to provide moral or religious instruction as a rationale for homeschooling their children increased by 11 percentage points (from 72 percent in 2003 to 83 percent in 2007)” (Burke L. , 2009). “One private researcher estimates that as many as 2.5 million school-age children were educated at home during the 2007–2008 school year” (Burke L. , 2009).

However, Gaither cites different reasons for the homeschooling surge “First, homeschooling happened because the countercultural sensibility became the mainstream American sensibility” (Gaither). “Third, homeschooling happened because of the American cult of the child” (Gaither). No matter what the cause it is important that we protect the right of families to homeschool and help with tax credits or scholarships families who cannot change their circumstances because of limited

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