Personal Narrative: A Part Of Me

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A Part of Me Everyone has something that they would consider important in their life. To others, they might not see what makes that object important to you, and that is what makes it significant. Sometimes, these things can create something you did not know it could, like a friend. Back when I was a kid, my friends and I played video games very often. Video games have always entertained me. As a child, I thought that video games were just an intriguing toy to play with. My views on video games has not changed one bit, however, I do feel that my feelings regarding video games have changed drastically as time flew past. Can an object become your friend? If I was asked this question back then, I would have directly answered with a no, but if …show more content…
Playing video games when I was little was just for entertainment, but as time grew, I didn’t just use video games for entertainment, I used it for help. Around my middle school years, I went through a lot of stress that was affecting me in school. My grades were slipping, I was insecure about myself, and I didn’t have too many friends that went to my school. I tried many things to boost my grade up, like changing my studying habits and asking questions in class, but nothing worked, or so I thought. Every day after a stressful day at school, I came home, finished my homework and played video games. What I didn’t realize, was that every time I played video games, my stress would vanish like it wasn’t even there in the first place. I felt stress free. Whenever something bad happened to me, playing video games would help me forget about all the bad things and it would help me clear my mind. The more and more I played, the closer I felt towards video games. Whenever I felt depressed, I would play video games to relief some of my emotions. Whenever I felt sad, I would play video games to release my pain, and as time surpassed, it really felt that this toy was really becoming more than just a toy – my

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