Homosexuals In The Military Essay

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The armed services consists of four main branches: the army, navy, marine corps, and the coast guard. These are all branches that help protect our country from harm. Unfortunately, these military force groups have the same problem as well as any other work force. You might say that it’s disorganized, or it may be that we have too much or too little in the force. It could be either of those issues at hand, but one of our main issues today is allowing homosexuals to join our military. Many members are OK with it, but a good majority of them are not. In the article “Military Discharges Drop Due To Homosexual Policy Continues To Drop” by Miles Donna. It clearly says in a quote by David Chu, “They are starting to seek homosexuality as an equal …show more content…
We must be careful of how we voice our opinions, and some people in the outside world will not agree upon allowing homosexuals joining our military. A lot of times sexual harassment can come from people who are of higher rank. It’s none of anyones business whether or not someone is a homosexual or not. That’s why the military has a “Don’t Ask Don’t tell Policy.” We should also empathize with others feelings who are homosexual. Lots can happen in that time frame where you get made fun of to the point where they can’t take it anymore. One can see in the article “Sub Hazing Focused On Homosexuality” written by Vergakis Brock, Judy Chu goes on to say that “We’re talking about the acts that can result in death, then clearly trauma. These are folks that can have post-traumatic stress syndrome because of the acts of others”. Personally I agree one hundred percent on that. Half of the time we spend so much of our precious time judging others on how they are homosexual, and have a serious problem.We should worry about ourselves and what harm we have caused to people who are homosexuals that causes them to commit suicide because of the acts of others. Lets face it we must be careful because this problem doesn 't just happen in the

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