Essay On Healthy Food

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If one thing is for certain about the people of the United States of America, it is that Americans love their food. It does not take much effort to realize this fact, for in the country just about every type of restaurant imaginable beckons hungry eaters to their doors through the use of elaborate, blinking signs, mass-advertising, and specials that include low-cost meals. Unfortunately, a good majority of the food consumed in America is highly processed, contains unhealthy amounts of sodium, or is just plain terrible for human health. Because of this, the number of Americans, especially children in grade school, suffering obesity is immensely growing. It has been proven by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that about 18 percent …show more content…
It is a well known fact that healthy food is typically way more expensive than that of processed food, which is normally full of sugar or high in unhealthy, saturated fat. As a result of this, schools are being urged to buy more of the healthy, nutrient enriched food, such as whole wheat grains along with fresh fruits and vegetables. However, because this kind of food is so much more expensive, it is no surprise that some schools are having a tough time with their meal budgets (Jackson.) Not only is there so much money being put into purchasing the healthy food, but a great deal of money is also being wasted due to students not eating their meals. School lunches had a bad reputation as it was before the act, especially in television where any kind of meat was referred to as “mystery meat” and casseroles moved across lunch tables. But now, many students are skeptical of their meals because of the darker pasta and the teeny-tiny, wheat bread rolls. This uncertainty leads to many students discarding, and therefore wasting, their uneaten food. For example, at a middle school in Boston, the children were not getting the recommended number of nutrients in their school lunches and ate under 85 percent of their meal, which was a waste of money for the school(Cohen.) Not only are the prices for ingredients of the meals increasing, but also are the prices for the meals that are bought by the students who do not receive a free lunch. For example, at a school in Kansas City, Missouri, school lunches jumped 10 cents more in one year, which can add up for families just right above the poverty line (Shah.) The all around increase in costs help portray in the ineffectiveness in the

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