Essay On Greek Culture

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Greek culture had been a huge impact on history, mainly due to their discoveries in education and social standards. Although their culture still live on today, there methods differ from the modern American culture. Greek cultures still lives in modern society in the areas of education, architecture, politics and women in society.

Greece educational system was manly dived into three levels, which were primary, secondary, and tertiary. Primary schooling consisted of kindergarten for one or two years from ages 5 to 12. Secondary education consisted of two stages such as middle school or junior high school. In the Greek culture they call three-year school process and Lykeion it Gimnasio is considered high school, which everyone attends for four
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With Greek math, it was discovered that the earth was round without even going to space. With their mathematical methods, the Greeks were able to exceed their contemporaries in architecture and engineering Mathematical accuracy allowed the Greeks to construct efficient cities, which acted as the backbone for their relatively advanced economies. Greek mathematical reasoning was the progenitor of the scientific method used to date, a method without which it could be safe to assume that humanity would stagnate in primitive mediocrity. All in all, the Greeks’ excellence in mathematics propelled human civilization to the heights it currently …show more content…
The culture has great relevance in our culture today. Americans developed a number of things from Greek culture like education, architecture, politics, and women in society. Considering the amount of centuries that have passed since then things have changed for the betterment of modern culture. Although America is a mixture of many cultures, establishments have been inspired by Greek architecture; just by the way they have representatives for their government. The Greek culture remains of great importance today, because without the history of the ancient civilization, the foundation of society would be much further behind then it is

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