Essay On FISH Strategy

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Based on student’s identified weaknesses, which students will benefit the most from the FISH strategy?

Students who are identified as a struggling reader often times find decoding words the most difficult. According to Cooper, “a struggling reader is any student who is having difficulty learning to read” (2009). Reading does not come easy to every student. According to Aims Webb, there are four measures that take into consideration when deciding if a student has difficulty reading. “The four areas are: letter naming fluency, letter sound fluency, phoneme segmentation fluency, and nonsense word fluency” (PEARSON, 2014). Students who struggle with one of these areas will benefit from the use of the FISH strategy.

Children learn in different ways and sometimes pick up on things easier than others. “If a child is having difficulty learning to read, then educators must step up to
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This is where the students will learn about the onset and rime in a word just like the FISH strategy. Students who have not learned phonics well enough to decode words, Whitaker, Harvey, Hassell, Linder, and Tutterow recommend using the FISH strategy for them …show more content…
Students with ASD have been shown to have normal performance on decoding words, but students with AD-HD have a lower performance in decoding words (Asberg, 2010). For these students who may have difficulty decoding words, strategies aimed towards word decoding need to be put in place. Since the students are AD-HD, including engaging hands on activities that deal with decoding words will help them. When teaching the FISH strategy to these students, you can incorporate fun activities into the learning to meet the needs of the

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