Listening Skills Case Study

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When learning English as a foreign language there are some challenges that could face a learner towards learning the language's receptive skills.
When we speak about the listening skill we would say that the point of learning listening in English is to be able to understand and communicate in real-life situations, sometimes learners feel the need to understand every word in the context otherwise they will be lost in the conversation and they believe that every spoken word carries an important meaning and this eventually makes the listener feels tired and stressed and sometimes they even fell like they are failing. Teachers should help the learners practice selective ignoring of the information they hear, which is something they do naturally
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The teacher should explain to learners why pronouncing each word in isolation like they want would be not beneficial to them as it will not help them learn listening to everyday informal speech, the teacher should be speaking at the leaners level getting faster and more fluent as they get better and more advanced with their listening skill.
Learners can also feel the need to hear things more than once and while this may have some good benefits, leaners should be prepared for real-life situation where asking someone to repeat what they have said more than once can be annoying. Teachers can help the learners facing this issue by giving the learners listening tasks that have the main information presented more than once in different ways to help improve their listening
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Reading texts provide learners with opportunities to study language vocabulary, grammar, punctuation and the way to construct sentences, paragraphs and texts and that is why it is a very important part of language acquisition is to be able to read in the target language. Reading can also provide a model for learners for English writing when they are working on their writing skill, also any exposure to English language will be beneficial to the learners.
When working on the reading skill, learners may face some challenges. If the teacher picks a traditional reading text, it would be artificial and unauthentic and that could lead the learners to lose interest in the reading and it will not help them improve their reading skill. Learners may feel that they need to decode the letters in order for them to be able to read the words and that is not necessarily true as we can read words without being able to identify each single letter in them simply by trying to fit the visual shape of the word into a sense context, learners also feel that they need to understand each word in the text to understand the meaning of the text which is not correct as they can understand a text even though they do not understand each and every word in it from the general idea of the text learners can guess the

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