How Do Video Games Affect Youth Negatively

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Does the violence in videogames and movies affect today 's youth negatively? I am here to inform you on why these types of entertainment do not affect youth negatively. There is many different pieces of information on why it is actually good for today 's youth. It can help the mind, letting it react to things faster. Today 's media states the violent video games and violent movies are affecting today’s youth in the wrong ways. Now why is the media so big on bashing this type of violence? Why do we always jump to conclusions on things? One of the first things I will inform you on is whoever controls the media controls the mind. Then after that I will inform you on the new recent studies on this violence is wrong. Then about how the video game violence is one of the biggest entertainment forms in the UK and other places. Next that will come is, If the violence in games affects the mind do movies too? Why do we also assume that as well. Gamers crave sense of control, and violent video games give them that kind of control. The the last two things I …show more content…
The answer is kind of unknow. How ever there is many examples and much evidence that states a lot of ways violent media does not affect youth negatively. There is so much evidence saying that this violent media can help out today’s youth in many ways. They can improve children 's creativity and spacial skills. There is not a lot of information that tells us why violent media is affecting today’s youth negatively. Will the media ever stop blaming violent video games for being the main cause of teen violence? Yes with these games people can jump to conclusions on why it caused their child or someone else 's child to do a violent thing. But there is not a lot of proof stating that is the cause. I for one believe that violent games and movies can help the human body and brain see a whole different world that we may never be in. What is your

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