BSN Competencies Essay

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Competencies between BSN & ADN
RN Stands for the registered Nurse, and BSN stands for Bachelor of science in Nursing. I graduated in India (RN) in 1999. After my graduation I realized I wanted to do BSN because of more scope. I came United State and I saw a big Difference between RN and BSN. After BSN to many options open for us. Like a good scope for education and management and we get master degree and can apply for master’s- or doctoral-level programs. Associate Degree are 2-year programs and BSN is 4-years programs. If you have an RN license, then it becomes only 2-year. And BSN program price more to comprehensive than the ADN program. Before RN and BSN needs to give the NECLEX-RN (National Council License Examination) The NCLEX
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So BSN comparatively more power to the AND. Some places RN work with 28 patients or more. But the BSN can only work with the 5 patients or management. This is a big difference between RN and BSN. In my experienced I did work with 28 patients that was too hard for me and any nurses. BSN can choose easily future step what she wants to do it. And RN can’t do anything in future before BSN. In the August 2014 International Journal of Nursing Studies discovered that by increasing Baccalaureate prepared nurses in Korea and the university of Pennsylvania by 10%, it decreased the patient death rate by 9%. And the other difference between BSN and ADN, BSN has better job opportunities, high incomes and career progression. As a BSN nurse you pursue an MSN, and then a nurse can become a nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialists and nurse can work in acute care and mental health also. ADN can perform a physical exam and health histories. ADN deliver health promotion, treatment and education. ADN administer medications, wound care and intervention. ADN make critical choices about patient desires. And BSN a focus on critical thinking and the ability

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