Essay On Causes Of Global Warming

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People have more of an effect on the climate than they think, some of the things we do everyday that we see as harmless is actually hurting our atmosphere. Global warming is the idea of the world constantly but slowly heating up. There are multiple reasons causing the world to heat up with the leading causes being the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation. To some it may seem like climate change is out of our control but the biggest contributors are because of the people. When anything is burned or combusted it releases Carbon Dioxide or Co2 into the air; When fossil fuels are burned Carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxide are some of the noxious gases released into the atmosphere which in excess is thought to heat up our atmosphere, …show more content…
Cutting down trees puts more co2 in the air than cars and trucks combined! According to the World Carfree Network(WCN) cars and trucks are responsible for about 14 percent of the carbon emissions, while about 15 percent is due to deforestation. Trees naturally filter our air for us because they consume carbon and expel oxygen. Not only is the help from the trees to filter our air taken away, but when trees are cut down they release all the carbon they have are storing into the atmosphere. According to the Environmental Defense Fund(EDF), a go green group, between the years 2008 and 2009 thirty two million acres of rainforest were cut down and the numbers are skyrocketing “Unless we change the present system that rewards forest destruction, forest clearing will put another 200 billion tons of carbon into the atmosphere in coming decades…,” says EDF. It 's hard to convince poor residents of tropical regions of the world to stop deforestation because to them trees are worth more dead than alive. There is a program that goes by REDD, Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation, they provide rewards for the people who care for the forest while still being able to benefit in some type of way. Participating nations can then collect and sell carbon pollution credits when they can prove they have lowered deforestation below what it was before. Brazil is the biggest participant in REDD to reduce carbon emissions, they have slowed deforestation in their nation by 40 percent since 2008 and projected to be at 80 percent by 2020. Ending deforestation will not solve global warming by itself; we still need to find ways to cut the other 85 percent of emissions, but the problem cannot be solved if we ignore

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