Essay On Bluefin Fishing

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Register to read the introduction… Boats also were small and fishermen often spent weeks searching for the bluefin, and in many years never located the major populations of this mysterious species. Under these conditions, fishing could not seriously damage the stock. Most adults escaped, and juveniles replenished those fish that were caught. It was a sustainable fishery.(Sissenwine, 1995) By the 1960's, however, with the growth of Japanese demand due to attaining high levels of disposable income in that country and the desire for the bluefin delicacy, fishermen began to adopt more advanced technology. Greater competition in the waters and higher rewards for catching bluefin forced fishermen to purchase larger and faster boats that could follow the bluefin across the seas. They adopted sonar technology and spotter planes to search for concentrated feed stocks and unsuspecting bluefin. Huge seiner nets were spread across the water and longlines with hundreds of hooks were distributed to catch the fish.(Safina,1998) The lure of high profits also brought more fishermen, and the ocean became infested with high-tech boats. The bluefin had no chance against this …show more content…
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