Personal Narrative: An Interview With A Teacher

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On September 25, 2015, I returned to my hometown of Hugo, Minnesota to interview a teacher of the White Bear Lake Area School District, Mrs. Laura Bege. I know Mrs. Bege from volunteering in her class twice a week for a semester during my junior year of high school. She has become a person I admire, and would like to follow in her footsteps. I had the privilege to sit down and listen to her story about being a teacher.

If you were to ask Mrs. Bege why she wanted to be a teacher, she would tell you that she doesn’t know. She always had wanted to be a teacher, and growing up she would play school all the time in her bedroom. Laura Bege’s father was a high school teacher, so although she went into elementary education, she had known a little
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Bege loves seeing her children prosper and grow. Her favorite part of teaching is seeing the progress her students make. She’s not quite sure if she makes an impact in her students’ lives, but she has a ton of students and parents come back to see her! Of course with every upside to something, there’s always a downside. Mrs. Bege’s worst parts of teaching are making the kids take standardized tests (even though she prepares her students well enough for them), going to all the meetings, and the workload of everything new. She explained that when Common Core or the curriculum changes things, she has to change things to accommodate for those changes. However, Mrs. Bege wouldn’t change being a teacher for another career path.

Every teacher has advice for incoming teachers, whether they say it or hold it under their breath. That being said, Mrs. Bege also has advice for future teachers. She said the teaching profession is truly rewarding. She advices to use all of the available resources, put in the time and effort, don’t give up, and don’t try to volunteer for everything. Bege also recommends to make positive connections to the parents right away, and don’t let them push you around. Laura Bege had a mouth full of helpful advice for anyone entering into the educational

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