Basketball Vs Football

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There are two sports that are very popular within the society: basketball and football. These two sports have had a lot of influence throughout social media. People kept themselves updated on the sports and their players within television, Twitter, Reddit, and much more. Basketball and football not only have slight differences, but also have some similarities toward the game system, the game structure, and the sports themselves. Football is one of the popular sports that people enjoy to watch during the post-summer and the fall seasons. Many of the fans watch their favorite athletes compete by watching television, by going to the sport stadium, and much more. They can follow the players through the NFL website or through Twitter to see the …show more content…
Again, people around the world watch their favorite athletes through television, through the sport stadium, and much more. Twitter and the NBA website are two of the social media sources where people can check up on their favorite players based on their thoughts about the games. As mentioned before, the sport involves a lot of physical strength and endurance. While the athletes are playing the game, they are constantly running, passing, throwing, communicating, dribbling, and defending the basketball from their opponents and to their teammates. The athletes play with a basketball that is made out of leather and is a sphere-like ball. The scoring system is completely different from football. Teams can earn two points by shooting the basketball into the opposing side’s hoops. Likewise, these teams can earn three points when they shoot behind the three-point line. When players foul their opponents, the respective opponents can shoot at least two free goals for one point each. The duration of the basketball games are four quarters that consist of twelve minutes. Teams normally get five minutes between quarters. The game time does not decrease when the teams are calling timeout or when players are shooting free goals. The teams start the basketball game when the referee initiates the jump ball in the center of the court and one player from each team will try to grab the ball in possession. There are two ways the athletic teams play basketball: one team dribbles the ball and passes the ball to their players in order to throw the basketball into the opposing team’s hoop and another team defends the ball from the opposing team by blocking the players from passing the basketball to another player and blocking the ball from the players. At the end of the four quarters, the team with the most points wins the

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