Essay On An Autobiography Of The Life Of Mohammed

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Mohammed was the founder of Islam; he was born in Arabia in 570. His father Abdullah, died before he was born and his mother Amina, died shortly thereafter leaving Mohamed as an orphan. Although many modern scholars doubted it, Mohammad was raised by a desert dwelling foster family. In those times, the desert life was considered better for infants. It is also argued that after his parent’s death, Mohammad’s parental grandfather raised him. When he died Muhammad’s uncle, Abu Talib, took care of Muhammad. His uncle was a huge supporter of Muhammad’s philosophies and was a very important part of his life.
Mohammad accompanied his uncle caravans and soon became a merchant. Occasionally he would retreat to caves for some seclusion. It was in these visits Mohammed would receive visions that he thought to be revelations from God. As a young man, he would go on trips with his uncle and he became a vender. Muhammad was involved in trade between Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Due to his upright character, he acquired the name al-Amin, meaning faithful, and trustworthy, whom did spiritual arbitrator seek out. He seemed to be passed his time as far as wisdom was concerned. This demeanor soon
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Upon setting up this city, Muhammad’s heart was not satisfied and he began to venture out and conquer more land and possessions. Muhammad set out on a mission where he would subdue the entire Arabian Peninsula, taking everything that was not tied down. He consolidated his power and engaged in many battles with different tribes and nations during that period. In these battles, Muhammad acquired many wives and concubines. He was known to have a favorite young woman by the name of Aisha, who was all of nine years old in which our law of today would consider that molestation. Muhammad gained control of Mecca in 630 A.D. Muhammad Died in 632 A.D. and had no official

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