Essay About My Best Teacher

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Although I never biased about any teacher or rather say I never judged obey teacher much, yet there still used to be one math teacher who I admire very much. Also, he had another motion which is solving the social students’ problems. Mr. Abdullah had taught me for two years at high school.It was the first year high school. Going to a new school is the little bit difficult especially when the student moving from different stage to anther stage. I was nerves because I was the first day, and did not have friends yet. He always smiled at the students. When the first time I met him, he smiled at me and asked me if I needed any help. He is the best teacher that I have ever had. Mr. Abdullah has several excellent qualifications that made him my favorite teacher such as the ability to make the subject exciting, friendly, patient and easygoing. in addition, before Mr. Abdullah taught me math subject, I did not like math. Therefore, I got low grades in math. This teacher changed my point of view of math subject. I thought that the math is too complicated, and I …show more content…
Abdullah was leadership for helping people in my school, so he helped many students in my school. I am one of them who helped me. When I was 15 years old, my father was sick, and I was with him in the hospital. Therefore, I did not sleep enough. I went to the school, and he saw my face tired .as result, he invited me to his office and discussed with me what happened at last night. I told him my father in the hospital, and I was with him. He gave me two days off, and he visited us in the hospital. He gave me the test I did not take it. Also, some people did not have money to buy material for the studying such as paper, pens, and pencils. My government give the student the book, but they did not give us some things that we need at the school. If some students need help, and assists them immediately. I have never seen this teacher. He usually smiles and give us many recommendations that help us in our

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