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People experience many events in their life, some are positive and some are negative. Some events are so significant that they change one’s life and some are so insignificant that they just pass by. My friend Uzera Kimbo had to face an appalling incident when he was only 18 years old. He lost his father to an illness. Losing his father forced him to be the man of his house, affected his relation with his family, and left him without any guidance. The illness was inevitable, but the medical treatment could not reach his father in time as he is from a rural area in Namibia. To begin, the tragic incident put him in the frontline to help his family as he was the elder sibling among his four siblings. For example, he had to start being a major …show more content…
The demise tore him to pieces. He had a void in his life after his father’s death as he was dependent upon him for everything until that point of time. He said that “Not having my dad in that vital age was like having a house without a roof on it”. This led me to believe that he still feels really sad when someone talks to him about his father. As a guy who went through that age, I could see how my dad helped me through a lot of stuff and it was sad to even think about what he went through. He had lost an idol, someone he looked up to for everything. After his father passed away, he had stopped striving for high grades or exploiting his potentials. But sometime after that he wanted to succeed for himself and for his late father. He CLAIMED that his father would want that and also that his father also wanted him to become a successful man. He is now pursuing Aviation as his major and wants to become a pilot soon. In conclusion, my friend Uzera even though having his father whom he heavily relied on being taken away from him, he took on the responsibility of his family, rediscovered his relations with his family members. I heard his story, probably not all of it but as much as I could tell he had been nothing but brave throughout such a tragic event. He has turned his weakness into strength and has made making his late father proud a mission in his life. After finishing telling him my story, I

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