The Bosnia List: A Memoir Of War, Exile, And Return

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Every person in the world can say they have experienced a tragedy. Whether it big or small there are events in our lives that will never leave our everyday thought. There are people who we may never be able to find the strength to forgive for bringing pain upon us. Occasions in which challenge our minds to their breaking points. “The Bosnia List: A Memoir of War, Exile, and Return” by Kenan Trebincevic is an autobiography about his personal experience of surviving the ruthless war and ethnic cleansing that broke out in his Eastern European hometown of Brcko at the young age of eleven. Not only did he have to watch his hometown get blown to nothing and constantly stress about the survival of his family, he was a young boy whose friends and teammates had turned against him. The only reasoning being that he was Muslim. After Kenan and his family were able to escape the ethnic cleansing that …show more content…
For Kenan, his outlet from all of the betrayal he has had cooped up inside of him for twenty years was to write The Bosnia List and complete all of the tasks on this. Through returning to his homeland with his father and brother the experiences in which he encountered were eye-opening. He learned that everyone who was involved in the war at this time whether they were Muslims or Serbians, had lost a piece of themselves. Everyone had suffered differently and had had a different way of trying to survive and keep their families safe. This trip led Kenan to forgiveness and mercy for those who had wronged him in the past. Therefore, he changed his list to more positive goals in his life. The last being to grant his mother’s wish of writing a book about what her and her family had experienced in the process of the ethnic cleansing. This book is proof that people can change and no matter what tragedies they face, with time, there will be closure and

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