Ese 631 Week 1-6 Entire Course Material Essay

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Course Description:

LRE and FAPE. Please read the article “Least Restrictive Environment: How Do We Prepare Both Our Special Educators and Our General Educators to Comply with the Provision?” (Keuhne, 1998).
According to IDEA, what do the terms Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) and Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) mean? How does inclusion fit into the big picture of LRE? Discuss the legal ramifications of the LRE provision as mandated by IDEA, the relative and dynamic properties of LRE, and the collaborative dimension of
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Cite your sources within the text of your paper and on the references page. For information regarding APA, including samples and tutorials, visit the Ashford Writing Center, located within the Learning Resources tab on the left navigation toolbar in your online course.

Compare and Contrast: LD and CD. Consider the characteristics of a student with a learning disability (LD) and a student with a communication disorder (CD). Compare and contrast the following aspects of LD and CD:
a. Definition of each disability
b. Characteristics of each disability
c. Evaluation of each disability area
d. Research-based effective instructional strategies, supports, and services
What are your experiences with working with a student or individual with a learning disability or communication disorder? Have you found the characteristics discussed in the readings to be accurate? What further suggestions might you have for teaching students with LD?

Response to Intervention. Choose one of the research articles/presentations available through the National Center on Response to Intervention: Research website. Summarize the research article you reviewed for your classmates and then discuss your insights on how the RTI model differs from the discrepancy model of identifying a learning disability. What are the strengths and needs of both models? What challenges exist in implementing the RTI model in

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