Erik Erikson 's Stages Of Development Essay

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Erik Erikson 's stages of development are eight key points in a person 's life. His stages range from birth until death. Each stage represents a milestone within the person 's life. The way the person deals with the stage effects the rest of the person 's life. If they finish it successfully, that stage has a positive effect in their life..

There are eight stages of Erik Erikson stages of psychosocial development. According to a chart on, the eight stages are explained this way; The first stage is oral sensory and focuses on trust vs. mistrust. This stage is focused on trust vs. mistrust because a child must form a loving relationship with their care giver through feeding. If the infant fails at this stage, they live with a sense of mistrust for the rest of their life. The second stage is muscular-anal and is focuses on autonomy vs. shame. This stage focuses on the ability to control their bowel movements and must learn shame if they are unable to control the. The third stage is Locomotor and is focused on initiative vs. guilt. During this stage a child becomes more aggressive. In the event the child becomes too aggressive, they feel guilt. Latency is the next stage that concerns industry vs. inferiority. In this stage a child must learn to deal with being demanded to learn new skills. If the child fails at learning those new skills, or doesn 't do well, they face failure and feeling incompetent. The fifth stage is adolescence and emphasizes ego…

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