Erik Erikson 's Developmental Stage Of Intimacy Versus Isolation

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The authors of this paper were excited to dig into this subject of caring for the young Mormon female during Erik Erikson’s developmental stage of Intimacy versus Isolation. Which addresses the ages of 18 through 25. For the purposes of this paper, the terms Mormon and Latter Day Saint (LDS) are used interchangeably when discussing the church and it’s members. Within this paper, many issues will be identified that may challenge these young women and their development of intimacy, address the Registered Nurse’s role of providing culturally competent care for the specific needs of the Mormon female, and encompass her religion 's health care beliefs while understanding the psychosocial developmental stage of intimacy versus isolation. Focused topics to be identified are; overview of health traditions, the Registered Nurse 's role in providing holistic and culturally competent care of the young Mormon female, issues that are typical of the young female population between the ages of 18 through 25 years old in regards to distress and potentially isolation from her home and church. As a Registered Nurse, it is critical to incorporate and understand these religious principles in caring for the young Mormon female as, “Religion plays a fundamental and vital role in the health beliefs and practices of many people” (Spector, 2013, p.25).
In regards to religion, the traditional majority in Nevada identifies with Catholicism. According to the Association of Religion Data…

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