Equitable Treatment: Graph Using Intercept's Student Reflection

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Graph Using Intercepts Student Reflection
Equitable Treatment Within my five years of teaching, I have tried very hard to treat my students equal and find something to talk with every student about, whether it is mathematics related or of something of interest to the student. During the lesson on graph using intercepts, I did notice that I do not talk to some students in the Algebra 1 classes. I try to talk to all my students, but I tend to focus my attention on the students who are actively involved in learning mathematics or trying their best to understand. The students that I found myself not talking to were my repeat students. I had these students last year. Last year the students either did not complete any work for me or ended up
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The majority of the students who work during class time are female, so it looks like I tend to favor my female students. Even though it may look like I favor the females, it is not the case. I do communicate with the few males that work during class time. When students who are working on their mathematic problems ask for help, I assist each student in a similar format depending on their learning style. There are the students that I can verbal prompt through a problem, students who tell me what to do as I write it down, and students where I tell them how to do the problem as I am writing. This is not favoring one student over the other, but helping them succeed in the learning style that is appropriate for them to learn. Overall, I feel that I do an all right job on not favoring one student over another. I do need to work on reaching my repeat students or those students who portray to me that they do not care about learning or their education. This is something of my personality I need to work on and always keep in the back of my mind to try to talk with these …show more content…
She is supposed to be a junior in high school per her age, but she is a sophomore due to the amount of semester credits earned. In the previous two years I had Stormie, she missed over the ten days aloud a semester and was dropped from school. Stormie’s goal this year is to stay in school so that she can receive semester credits and graduate high school. This goal is the same as I have for her and I expressed this goal to her at the beginning on the school year. Stormie is a very smart girl, but tends to become involved with the wrong crowd of people. She is trying very hard this year to stay out of trouble. Whenever I remember, I encourage her that she is doing wonderful and to keep up the good work. I am always there for her when she needs assistance with a problem. The majority of the time Stormie knows exactly what to do, but I think she enjoys the reinsurance that she is correct and the encouragement I give to her. Another student I have is Alyxandria. She is sort of a repeat student but in the sense that I taught her Pre-Algebra last year and this year I am teaching her Algebra 1. Last year in Pre-Algebra Alyxandria struggled. I think her struggles came from being in junior high. Junior high seems to be the time of changes for students and these changes can affect their academic achievement. The goal that Alyxandria always has is to pay better attention and maintain a good overall

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