Essay on Equality Of The First Amendment And Speech Codes On Campuses

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Equality of the First Amendment and Speech codes on campuses

The American Civil Liberties was found in the 1920 's, known for fighting the civil rights of individuals under the First Amendment. The United States constitution First Amendment prohibits the making of any law abridging the freedom of speech. But in recent article Hate Speech on Campus ACLU stated "many universities respond to the concerns of hate speech have adopted policies prohibiting speech that offends anyone based on race, gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation." ACLU disagrees and "believes that all campuses should adhere to the First Amendment principles because academic freedom is a bedrock of education in a free society." Through the article ACLU support the topic by making logical sense and providing creditable example to connect with the reader to fully understand what it is that the organization stands for.

ACLU uses the 1949 case Terminiello v. Chicago were they successfully defended an ex- Catholic priest who delivered a racist and anti- Semitic speech to show their creditable outcomes in for the individuals that need protection under the First Amendment. ALCU make it aware that this wasn’t their only glory. "The precedents set in that case became the basis for the ACLU successful defense of civil rights demonstrators in the 1960 's and 70s."

It goes on to illustrates that the "Neo-Nazis whose right to march in Skokie, Illinois in 1979 was successfully defended by the ACLU…

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