Environmental Pollution And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

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Environmental Pollution is one of the prevailing global issues that is creating impact on not only the quality of life but is also making the future uncertain and threatening. It is destabilizing the ecological stability of the world. Environmental pollution includes air, water, and other ecological forms of pollutions that are degrading the natural resources and environment. Based on the severity of the issue of Environmental Pollution, respective paper will briefly describe the causes, effects and possible measures that can be taken to control environmental pollution in future.
Causes of Environmental Pollution
Today’s world has been set apart with such a variety of changes and progression through industrialization and improvement of new technologies. It is astounding the effects industrialization and technology progressions have caused (Berner & Berner, 2012). Nations have encountered enhanced techniques underway prompting increased generation and consequently economic development. Subjects have had their living gauges through the increased generation (Berner & Berner, 2012). Authors of papers and books have communicated their felt appreciation to industrialization and its effects and also the change in technology (Berner & Berner, 2012).
Other than the beneficial outcomes of industrialization and technological change the most undermining negative effects of the two is pollution (Berner & Berner, 2012). Pollution is a wide perspective enveloping numerous…

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