Environmental Injustice Research Paper

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And kids, that is why your world is dying today, because of the actions of past leaders and generations. Many activities and development in today’s modern time have many effect on earth’s future and human population. In addition, every environmental resources, non-renewable, that is exploited and used has an effect on earth’s future. With the two previous statements in mind, how important is the environment to all the species that inhabit earth? The environment is an essential key to human’s population growth. Furthermore, all other species strive and survive from the natural resources that the environment provides. Therefore, the environment is a key product for all living organisms and species on planet earth. In addition, the environment consists of many substances, for instance, bodies of water, air, trees, rocks, natural gases, etc. Due to the importance of the environment’s resources, human demands for growth and development can establish environmental injustice. Environmental injustice …show more content…
In more details, the article examines the Constitution Pipeline Company, a company that fracks earth’s environment to establish more gases for production and growth. Furthermore, many individuals and businesses suffer from these actions. For instance, in the article, the Holleran family’s sap business is threaten since the Constitution Pipeline Company needs to demolish the Holleran’s trees and lands before the ground will be fracked. Moving on, the article reveals that some analysts do support the idea of fracking for resources since it will provide jobs and development. However, individuals, environmental activists, and leaders of the many communities despise fracking due to the fact that it wastes natural, non-renewable resources and only establishes temporarily occupations. As a result, the article is a very controversial topic that has political economic and ecology as examples to further the

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