Environmental Effects Of Air Pollution

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Air pollution has increasingly harmful effects to our agriculture, environment, and even human health. Air pollution can negatively affect human health and can create severe conditions for human beings. Anyone exposed to air pollution is at risk for severe heart and respiratory conditions, along with cancer, pneumonia, and asthma. Air pollution can also potentially cause climate change, which can cause natural disasters. Natural disasters can cause many injuries and debt for human beings. “Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas pollution leads to more frequent and intense heat waves that increase mortality, especially among the poor and elderly” (Overview). This shows how much climate change has had an immediate effect on our living population. …show more content…
The world has already taken actions to prevent air pollution. President Obama and The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) introduced the Clean Power Plan on August 3, 2015. This act deals with power plants and their potential threat to climate change. The EPA’s plan will help reduce dangerous levels of carbon dioxide. Another very successful movement to remove air pollution was called the Montreal Protocol: “It successfully brought 196 countries together to target ozone depletion” (Woodford). Preventing ozone depletion, which is a thin layer in our atmosphere, is a huge step towards decreasing air pollution. There are still necessary actions that are not being taken. One action with potential to prevent air pollution is to save energy. All kinds of electricity comes from some kind of power plant. Power plants happen to be a major cause of modern day air pollution. Using less energy prevents air pollution from even happening. Another action necessary to take is to stop burning household waste. Burning anything leads to some type of air pollution. Toxic chemicals are released when burning plastic. Instead of burning your household products, just recycle them. If the world isn 't aware of the harmful effects that air pollution causes, it 's much harder to prevent it. “Sometimes it takes horrific tragedies (like the 1952 smog episode in London or the Chernobyl catastrophe) to prompt action” (Woodford). Unfortunately, horrific events usually prove to be successful when raising awareness. It grabs the world 's attention, helping people become aware of the situation. Although, instead of dealing with horrific tragedies, simply informing people on air pollution would be just as efficient. If people are aware of how harmful air pollution really is, they would maybe think twice about polluting our environment. Building awareness about and preventing air

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