Essay on Environmental Education : The Progression Of Any Society

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Environmental education is critical to the progression of any society. A person’s connection with their surrounds is vital because they need to have a sense of place and understand what is around them. In order to understand what your surrounds are you have to learn and be taught which is why environmental education is so important when it comes to societies respecting nature. In education no matter the subject the way the lesson is delivered plays a key role in how the student receives it. A teacher is expected to be organized help and guide their students but education has shifted from just hearing the teacher give a lecture about their knowledge for an hour, they must interact with the students. It is too often that students just sit in class and listen to what a teacher is saying without any interaction. It is necessary that teachers make an effort to stimulate a student’s interest and purpose questions making them think critically. The questions that are asked can lead to great discussions but the reaction to get there is solely dependent on the teacher (Kostova, 2008, pg. 50). Each teacher has their own unique way in which they begin discusses in their classroom and the learning that is gained from these discussions is what can leave a lasting effect.

Students sit through school from kindergarten to 12th grade and sometimes four or more years in the universities therefore, a large portion of their lives is spent in the education realm. Learning is not something that…

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