Malcolm X Hypocrisy Of Education

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The inequalities, which prevails in America are no different then on what happened

during the Civil Right’s Movement. In a debate about student sit-ins Malcom X argues the idea

of black power and his frustration with white culture. In his paragraphs Malcom discusses the

hypocrisy of white cultural, and one prime example is education. Lately teaching the history of

slavery or other important black issues have been lacking. America only teaches bits of parts of

history, and slavery is not one of them. Malcom X was correct on the topic of white hypocrisy,

and I agree with him. America needs to stop neglecting the past and accept the outcome. Malcom

urges the community to no longer stay quite and not be afraid. Education is important
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This is true and it’s seen mostly in the black community. Students in this type of

environment are not encouraged to attend college because society has made it clear on what they

believe in black education. Society has come to believe that African Americans are not

intelligent enough to take advance courses. The white culturalized that Malcom discussed is true

because only rich and white families are attending school while black people don’t get any

support. It’s been seen many times where white neighborhoods have the best schools, the best

teachers, and the best resources. Where as black neighborhoods are left will limited supplies, and

stuffed into small classrooms. Malcom has made his feelings clear “black man [should] not wait

for the white man to change his mind…”. He explains how the white community will never view

them as equal and this example of education is one of many cases of mistreatment among the

black community. It’s time to encourage more black students in attending college and earning a

degree we can not let society crush the minds of many intelligent young black students.

American needs to stop stereotyping black people. It’s not good for the community. We can
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There seems to be certain similarities

between now and the civil rights movement dealing with inequalities. We need to be vocal and

demand equality. There needs to be a change we can no longer allow the media to influence our

minds, and control the community.

All in all, Malcom X a widely known political activist cared for equality, and justice

among all African Americans. Malcom X makes a strong claim of white hypocrisy, and the

manipulation of our education. Anything that does not seem “European” is not correct according

to society. Many don’t have the correct knowledge of African Americans, and less schools are

not teaching their history. It’s becoming a problem and soon it will be gone all together. Malcom

warned us about this and now it’s up for us to speak up and not be afraid. Malcom X idea of

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white culture are cleared, and ultimately it’s up for the people to make a change. The civil rights

movement did influence many others to take a stand, and Malcom X will forever be known for

his hard tactics. As long as people continue to read his beliefs he will always impact the

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