Entertainment Media Essay

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Everyday, millions of people either go to a gossip website, or pick up a copy of a People magazine to catch up on what their favorite celebrity is wearing, doing, and saying. For some reason we all just need to know what kind of scandals these people are involved in and what their babies look like. Why is it that we are so obsessed with gossip? The entertainment media industry is booming and shows no sign of ever slowing down. We look up to these people and want to follow the same trends that they start, but the same things they buy and eat at the same places they eat. According to society, celebrities live perfect lives, they’re rich and famous and looking at their lives is an escape from our “mediocre” lives that apparently aren’t …show more content…
They don't understand how hard it actually is.”. With big stars like Britney Spears, Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan going off like it’s just a trip to the nail salon or the spa, we seem to think that having a drug or alcohol problem is not a big deal. "People somehow believe celebrities are different from everyone else," he continued. "They don't understand how much mental disease there is among the famous." (Marikar)
Although, these drug and alcohol problems aren’t the only problems celebrities have that we like to think are okay. Sometimes the promiscuous behavior that we may see on TV shows or just everyday life coming from these stars makes us think that it’s okay to do. The CW’s hit show “Gossip Girl” is a show about the young and fabulously rich teenagers living in New York City and the lives that they live. Many parents are becoming increasingly upset about what they are seeing on this program, thing like underage drinking and partying, and also very promiscuous behavior coming from sixteen and seventeen year olds. Recently the Parents Television Council has become increasingly upset with these events happening on the show when millions of teenagers are watching this show and think that it’s okay to do some of these activities. “Gossip Girl routinely depicts teenage characters engaging in promiscuous and consequence-free sexual behavior, and that’s bad

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