Engstrom Mirror Plant Essay

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Milestone 2
Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant: Root Cause Case Study Analysis
Sharon McClain

The Engstrom Auto Mirror plant is located in Richmond, Indiana and employs around 200 or more people. The plant has been going through some changes over the last few years and has seen a decline in employee motivation. The focus today will be to determine some of the root causes of the problems facing the plant from an organizational view and a human behavior issue. The bottom line is determining how to solve the issues the company is facing and move forward. Some of the questions that will need to be answered is, “why is motivation at an all-time low, is the Scanlon plan benefiting everyone in the company and can the plan be revamped with
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Let’s look at how to utilize the plan to make it work for everyone. First, explain to the employees as to how the plan is supposed to work. Maybe train a person from each department to explain the Scanlon process and how it affects each employee. These could be the spokesperson from each department and they could explain it to the rest of their team. . Create a suggestion box for the employees to have more input into the business. Allow creative ideas on working as a team or ideas to help management. Allow the employees voices to be heard even if they are disgruntled. Often times when employees don’t understand the company’s concept and how they fit into the equation
Once the Scanlon has been shared with each employee, help each individual the opportunity to understand their role. Each person is responsible for their own performance but it also affects their team. They have to buy into the idea they are making a difference and their voices are heard. Management may have to allow people to move to different roles within the organization and allow for growth. This is a small family based company and finding out what the employee goals are could benefit the company. Each person needs to understand the rewards at the end of the day are determined by the effort they put into their work. In order for them to receive their bonuses, they are a part of a family cycle. When one part is fails or is frustrated, it can affect everyone.

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