Reflective Essay On What Makes A Good Writer

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August 2010: It is the start of a new schoolyear, and I’m entering my second and final year of middle school. I’m around thirteen years old and very excited for one class and one class only, English. Although I’ve always excelled in math, English has always been my passion. One day, I hoped to add English to my list of strengths. However, before I could master writing, I had to discover what makes a good writer? Upon searching, I realized that every writer is unique. There are no two writers the same; each has their own style, story, and secret to writing, so I set out to find mine.
Throughout the semester, my English teachers would assign essays and writing assignments; this to everyone’s misery was my happiness. Soon after, my teachers discovered
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She stood at the center of the room and thoroughly explained her battle against the world to attend an all-white school during her time. She described her every-day challenges including being booed or called horrible names and even things being thrown at her as she bravely walked the steps of her school. The room grew eerily quiet as everyone listened. I’ve always read about Malcom X, Martin Luther King Jr., and other famous civil rights activists, but never did I think I would actually meet …show more content…
I reminisced back to the day when I set in front of Mrs. Ruby Bridges and listened as she told us to excel in school, and that’s exactly what I did. Being the Valedictorian of my class meant I had to compose and recite a speech during our graduation. I was thrilled. Not only would I be able to showcase my writing skills to my entire class and their families, but to my entire family, staff and administrators. As the day of graduation quickly arrived, I grew more and more anxious. I firmly told everyone that once the time came, I wouldn’t cry but once it was time to walk down the aisle and approach the stage I couldn’t hold back my joyous tears. As I sat on stage I heard the principal say the words I had been waiting on since the ceremony started. “All schoolyear long, there were two students who excelled academically in all of their classes, honors included, and stood out from the rest of their peers. They worked very hard in and out of the classroom. Right now, we would like to recognize our first student, ladies and gentlemen your class of 2015 Valedictorian, Alexis Shelton. The room exploded in applause and cheers as I proudly walked across the stage and approached the podium.
I cleared my throat, and patiently waited for the applause to slow down. Once it grew quiet enough for me to speak, I did. A few moments into my speech, I read the phrase I had been dying to say ever since I wrote my speech, “But first, let me take a

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