English Pronunciation Analysis

Knowing all these problems as common errors in English pronunciation, this was kept in mind. The first thing I noticed is the mispronunciation of interdentals by replacing them with Ta and da. Both interdentals are replaced by alveolar consonants. However, this may be just a manner of articulation problem. She isn’t putting her tongue between her teeth enough. What’s odd is sometimes she actually pronounces the interdental consonants. It may have been there was more focus on those words since it was multi-syllables. Another problem was word stress. While Vietnamese is more of a tonal language versus a stressed-time language, this problem seemed to arise during her speech. There was no change in stress on the words. They all had the same emphasis …show more content…
For a warm up I just talked to her about her day. Just to get her to warming up speaking in longer and complicated sentences. I also explained what we were going to do and just giving an overview of the lesson. Hong was very enthusiastic about what we were going to do. To start up easily, I worked on interdentals, figuring that would be the easiest to fix. Also something that could be overcome quickly. This proved to be an incorrect thought. At first I showed the words by pronouncing them and having them on a work sheet. There were just a variation a replacement between the t and Th. It also did it with voiced and unvoiced interdentals. Hong was okay with this but switching between the t and interdental, was a lot more difficult than expected. Hong had a lot of fun trying out the words. We repeated them a few time and I demonstrated how they were pronounced once again, correcting her placement of articulation. Next we worked on word stress. This was a simple listening exercise. Hong was great about this but she said the audio I used went to fast. So we paused after every single one. This was a bit difficult for her to pick out where the stressed was placed. So when I saw her score out on the mini-quiz. I explained how it would sound if it was stressed in other places. Along with explained why it’s important to stress in certain places. As this with intonation can change the meaning of the sentence. Hong seemed to respond better with my explanations. I felt I should explained word stress a little more clearly. It seems as Hong did not understand the concept of word stress. This maybe be because I didn’t focus on multi-syllables, which I think would have went with the concept better. After this we worked on Intonation and Rhythm, I thought those two go well with each other. So I basically combined them as one. At first I presented her with a nursery rhyme and

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