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“How can I make sure that I am providing the best education for my children?” A lot of parents find themselves asking this very question. Many parents wonder if public school is the only option for the children and if it is good enough for their child. Also many parents wonder if their child is getting the attention that they deserve or if their child is just going to get lost in the crowd of many. Education is very important and we need to figure out what is most beneficial for our children’s future.
Education is very important. In the Oxford English Dictionary it defines education as the ”development of personal knowledge or understanding, growth of character, moral and social qualities” and “The process of bringing up a child, with
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The children do have access to transportation, after school programs, can take classes like choir and band and be able to go to school with their friends. Also public school is the less expensive route and the usually things that you would pay for are supplies and school activities.
Home Schooling is another type of education that is considered. When a parent decides to homeschool that have to be dedicated in their child’s learning. The parent is the teacher and has certain criteria that needs to be meet by government regulations. The parents though have the opportunity to make sure that their child gets all the attention they need in learning and can control, to a certain aspect, of what they learn. When the child is home taught they don’t get to learn all the negative things that they might learn in a public school like violence and other things. Also the child learns at his or her own pace if a child is particularly slow in one subject and is better in another he or she could use the extra time to work on the other subject compared to a traditional school the child would have to stay in the one class until it was over and then go to the next and then afterwards tried to put in extra time to work on the other subject that he or she is having difficulties in. It is often thought that a child doesn’t receive as great of an

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