Essay on English Is The Major Language

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English becomes the major language that I use in my daily life, however, when I was in elementary school, I thought the English course was unnecessary and defeat. In China, about in my fourth grade in elementary school, English became a required course, and it is as important as Chinese and Math lessons. Because during that time, the United States, Britain and other countries that English is their mother tongue, become the top world 's strongest countries, and that making English become the world 's common language. So the Chinese government makes English course turn into mandatory. During that time, because of several reasons, I felt English course was unnecessary and felt defeat. However, English becomes the language that I speak more than Chinese nowadays. Below, I will talk about how a person’s attitude change from do not like it to use it every day.
First, here is one of the reasons why I felt English was unneeded and disappointed about it. The first reason is I thought I will never use English in my life when I was in the elementary school. Because during that period, China has not yet become one of the world 's strongest countries like now. People who around me, no one could speak English and I did not hear anyone on the street speak English, except the teachers who teaching us English. As I said, including my family and relatives, none of them could speak English or they did not need to know how to speak English because we all said Taiwanese in my hometown. Back to…

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