English Fame Essay

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Drugs, alcohol, money, family, supporters, and a heck of a ride are all positives and negatives to do with Fame. All these pros and cons are displayed within Asturias where a group of teenagers go through different stages to reach fame. These are also shown within my TOYOCS of “Billionaire” by Travie Mccoy and “Almost Famous” by Cameron Crowe. The visual representations I provided all symbolize different aspects of fame.
There is often an idea in many people head that “fame = money.” This can come from people purchasing your merchandise or even through companies sponsoring you. This idea of “fame = money” is supported in Asturias when we are told about Time and how “He was now much wealthier than his parents” . This tells us going
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Since Tim has his own money to spend he can use it to buy alcohol. This reveals the darker side of fame when you have to withstand extra pressures. However within the song “billionaire” there is no mention of negativity such as alcohol. The tempo is fairly fast and the tone sounds happy and positive, about money and fame. This downside is shown in Almost Famous when Penny’s heart is broken and resorts to taking drugs and alcohol, her life is threatened and it is made clear within the movie that it is not a good thing by presenting dark lighting and negative views of Penny.
Another one of the negative things about being associated with fame includes the lack of privacy these people get, hence the paparazzi with cameras. We may enjoy knowing the latest story, but in their shoes it would get quite annoying having them follow you almost 24/7. In Asturias this is shown when Tassia has to cover her face just to walk around town. “ I’d slipped into town, in disguise, just to do a bit of shopping.” This shows just how much trouble it becomes to do simple everyday things without people crowding and stopping you. In billionaire the line “I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine” it does not mention any negativity about being recognised but still allows us to see that celebrities are put in magazines, newspapers and other media, however not always necessarily for good things. This would be named as a privacy issue. Little things turn out to be matters

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