Reflection Of English 101

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“In the end, some of your greatest pains will become your greatest strengths,” These are some of the most inspirational words my ears have ever received, and my heart has ever felt. The on-going struggle to convert what were formerly my thoughts into words when formulating a paper is finally coming to an end and a more effective solution appears to be up ahead. This is due to the concept of English 101 being built upon the foundations of academic writing with a focus on analysis, argument, and critical reflection through rhetorical views. With the utilization of these essential components and the credible instruction of the most outstanding professor, Mr. Benjamin Compton, I was equipped with the skills needed to become an excellent author …show more content…
However, with time came healing and now more than ever my pen possess the unstoppable power to change the world, aided by the guidance of my newly achieved ability to convert my thoughts. This simple concept alone, has transformed what I formerly visualized as my downfall into one of the most astounding strengths essential to my exceptionalism. Due to this transformation, I 've discovered that Drew Barrymore 's beautiful words quoted within the beginning of the text are not just words that relate to her individually; They are words that I have also been able to establish a common connection to. These words have personally re-vitilized my character in regards to my perception of accomplishment. Henceforth, they serve as an actual testimony of my writing success. Within the paragraphs to come, I will guide you on a journey to the commencement of English 101 and revisit a time where I found writing to be particularly difficult. Sequentially, I will guide you through the growth process and explain how the process enabled me to make writing my …show more content…
Within the assignment,we were required to seek out and analyze rhetorical situations, specifically those that were created by advertisements and showcased how rhetorical appeals could impact an audience on a daily basis. After giving the paper much thought, I began to write. While doing so, I felt my writing abilities beginning to multiply. Before I knew it, I had written an entire essay in relevance to how Gatorade’s “Be Like Mike” ad 's use of rhetorical tactics had created a corruptive yet effective commercial in which persuaded many children and adolescents to believe that the consumption of Gatorade would make them just "Like Mike". In the end, I discovered that all of my hard work had paid off with satisfactory feedback from my professor who stated that the paper was, “very well in terms of tone, style, and providing well researched cultural context.” As an overview, a majority of this assignment proved simple. To start, I viewed and analyzed the commercial, breaking it down into each category of rhetorical appeal that chastised me as a kid. Sequentially, I extracted from it each appeal I detected. I found several components of this paper to be difficult, one being the task of connecting the rhetorical appeals and describing how they overlapped. In several instances, it seemed as if I was once again coming face to face

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