Endangered Animals Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Being a part of an endangered species fragment doesn't mean the individual animals have fewer rights. Animals in captivity suffer from stress and confinement. Intergenerational bonds are broken when animals are sold or traded to other zoos. No pen or even Safari’s that are drive-through can measure up to the freedom of the wild. Baby animals attract visitors and money, but the enticement to breed new baby animals often leads to over population. Surplus animals are sold to other zoos, circuses, canned hunting facilities, and even slaughterhouses. The majority of captive breeding programs within the zoo do not release excess animals back into the wild. The offspring’s are evermore part of a chain connecting the zoos, circuses, and exotic pet trade. These pet trades exploit animals and buy and sell amongst themselves. Removing animals from the wild will further endanger the wild population because the remaining animals will be less genetically diverse and will find it more challenging to locate mates. If people want to view wild animals in real life, they can observe wildlife in the wild or visit a sanctuary. A sanctuary does not sell, buy or breed animals, but instead take in discarded exotic pets, surplus animals from zoos or injured wildlife that can no longer survive on their own in the wild. My view is that Zoos are teaching children that imprisoning …show more content…
They don't perform these and other complex tricks because they choose to. The Animals perform these stunts because they're afraid of what will happen if they don't. For Circus animals, there is no such thing as positive reinforcement. They perform through levels of punishment and deprivation. To force them to carry out these insignificant and physically uncomfortable tricks, whips, tight collars, electric prods, muzzles, bull hooks, and other painful tools of the trade are used by trainers. In the Ringling Bros. circus, elephants are beaten, poked, and jabbed with sharp objects, and are until left bloody at times. The spirit of elephants is broken when they're vulnerable babies in a Circus. Parent's who plan a family trip to the circus, are often not aware of the violent training sessions with ropes, bull hooks, and electric shock prods that these animals endure. Circus’s easily get away with routine abuse because when government agencies sit in to monitor the training sessions they perform different routines of training that are mild. Undercover video footage from numerous animal rights activist has shown animal training sessions in which elephants endure vigorous pain from bull hooks and shocked with electric prods. Big cats such as Lion and Tigers are dragged by heavy chains around their necks and lashed with large whips. Bears

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