Demi Lovato: What Makes A Happy Person?

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When I was little, my grandpa used to tell me “We are who we are, and that’s all there is to it.” I was born May 18th, 1999 in a hospital room in Calgary, Alberta. The first thing I saw was the great Rocky Mountains. My mom’s room had a spectacular view of them. I lived in Calgary for three years, one of which my brother graced us with his birth, until we moved to Woodstock, Georgia for my dad’s job. He’s had other jobs since then, but we’re still here. This picture was taken at our old house in Calgary. I was about four years old, and my grandparents had come down to visit us. I put my grandpa’s hat on, got up on the couch, and snap, one of my favorite childhood pictures was taken. I love this picture so much because it’s so genuine and real, …show more content…
Her name is Demi Lovato. She’s a 5-foot-3 21-year-old with an amazing and powerful voice. She changes her hair color a lot, and isn’t afraid of a new looks. She’s strong, kind-hearted, down-to-earth, and inspires many people. I look up to Demi because she’s isn’t afraid to let people know “Yeah I went through this, I had that, but I’m better now.” She fell down, but she got back up, and that’s what matters. She also has the opportunity to do what she loves, and that makes me happy for her. She has an incredible voice that can reach high notes and low notes. Her songs are so inspiring, deep, personal, and just plain beautiful. But what I love most about Demi Lovato is that she’s not afraid of going natural. In fact, she even started a No Makeup Movement. She encouraged so many girls to not worry about how they look and just be themselves for a day. It was really …show more content…
I have always been a good student, and there was only one time where I didn’t have all A’s; I got a B in science in 7th grade. It is a very important personal goal that I get all A’s during high school. I’ll have a much better selection of colleges, and it’ll help me get scholarships. I would feel so proud and happy, so I’m working very hard to complete that goal. Another important goal is landing the role of a lead character in a show. I love acting so much, and getting any role makes me happy, but to get a lead would be a dream come true. It would be so much fun, and so cool. I’ve gotten big parts before, like Princess Felicity in The Princess and the Pea, but not a lead. I think that my acting is improving a lot, and that’s why bigger roles are being offered to me, and I feel like one day soon, I’ll be the star of the show. My last goal is more of a “way of nature” goal. I love the ocean. I love feeling the sun on my skin and swimming in the water; it’s so freeing and calming. I like dolphins, starfish, sand dollars, clams, whales, whale sharks, and just about every other sea creature you can imagine. I believe in mermaids, and I’ll buy things that give me an ocean-y feeling and let my “inner-mermaid” out. I would

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