Employment Discrimination Sexual Harassment And The Civil Rights Act Of 1964

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Employment Discrimination-Sexual Harassment The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was originally intended to integrate African Americans into the mainstream of American society. Today, the Act has significance for many different people including racial minorities, religious organizations and women. An essential provision of the Act is known as Title VII. To employers with more than fifteen employees, Title VII eliminates employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex and national origin. Sexual harassment is also found under Title VII and falls under sex discrimination. Any act of discrimination on any of these bases is illegal (Lau & Johnson, 2014). The following paper will describe a situation from my early professional experience when this act was violated through sexual harassment.
The Situation When I first moved to the San Antonio area I worked at a busy travel station in small town. Our manager had a select group of employees that he favored more than others. This group happened to be pretty women in their early 20’s. They would get the best shifts as well as be selected for any promotion opportunities. During my first few weeks, I held a lot of resentment for the situation. However, I soon became one of the favored few and realized it was not as glamourous as it appeared. Along with the favoritism came unwanted sexual advances. In my opinion, the most bothersome thing was the hugs that he gave us were often accompanied by a kiss on the cheek or…

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