Employees Relations Program Essay

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Employee Relations Program
HRM531 PR – Human Capital Management in Puerto Rico
May 8, 2012

Employee Relations Program
According to Mondy (2007) to ensure that workers with the proper skills and experience are available at all levels, constant and concerted efforts are required to maintain good internal employee relations. Internal employee relations comprise the human resource management activities associated with the movement of employees within the organization. These activities include promotion, transfer, demotion, resignation, discharge, layoff, and retirement. Discipline and disciplinary action are also crucial aspects of internal employee relations. In addition an employee’s relations include a compensation program, a dispute
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“Poor performers are like a cancer that spreads throughout the entire workplace” Mondy (2007). From a management point of view it is an important to have an effective disciplinary program. According to Mondy (2008) a necessary but often trying aspect of internal employee relations is the application of disciplinary action. Disciplinary action invokes a penalty against an employee who fails to meet established standards. Unfortunately just as in conflict, poor performers and undisciplined employees are at the workplace and have to be dealt with in order to keep order, stability and harmonious relations in the workplace. For managers this is not an easy task but it is one of the essential functions of management. Effective disciplinary action deals with employee’s unwanted behavior, and not the employee as a person. Wrongly applied discipline can be destructive to the employee and the organization. Therefore, use caution and consult with HR when deciding on a discipline. Harsh discipline should not be the first option; instead management should seek out positive and alternative way to deal with the “problem” employee. However, there will be time when aggressive discipline is the only avenue to correct behavior and comply with the regulations. Therefore having an effective disciplinary action that deals with poor performance, insubordination and others aspect of

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