Employee Turnover : Tips For Attacking An Enduring Essay

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Befus, E. (2004, August). Employee turnover: tips for attacking an enduring, expensive property management problem. Multi–Housing News, 39, 22.

Elizabeth Befus, senior legislative analyst with the Washington, D.C.-based National Multi Housing Council, discusses the problem of employee turnover among property management professionals. She first explains the extent of the problem and goes on to give methods by which employee retention rates can be lowered. This article does not pertain to our industry exactly; however; it demonstrates the problem and means by which it can be solved within an industry where employee retention is a serious problem. Therefore, we believe it will be useful in our research.

Berta, D. (2002, September 30). Chains tap psychological profiling to trim hr turnover.
Nation’s Restaurant News, 36, 20. Retrieved October 12, 2004, from Business Source Premier database.

A foodservice industry writer, Dina Berta, discusses the method of using psychological profiling to match a person’s personality with a suitable job, which has dramatically reduced management turnover. Testing, which large chains have used for years and is becoming more common in smaller businesses, helps companies determine if a person fits the organization well. Computer programs and the Internet have made the tests cheaper and faster, expediting the hiring process. Berta refers to the screening program CheckStart that can load to company computers and requires only 15…

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