Employee Training and Development Essay

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Employee Training and Development

Employees are an integral part of an organization’s ultimate success; an organization’s goal should not only be to attract high quality employees, but also to produce them. In order to cope with the rapid changes in the external environments, organizations need to grow and innovate continuously and sustain itself in a highly competitive market by strengthening or expanding knowledge base, skills and abilities of their employees (Truitt, 2011). Thus organizations must implement effective training programs to help their employees gain essential skills they need for success, productivity and enhanced job performance.

Training and education have shown to have a significant positive effect on job
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Both a short-term and long-term timetable are necessary to ensure meaningful results” (Hughey & Mussnug, 1997, p.). The outcomes of training should be tangible, in that they should complement and support the company’s financial stability (Hughey & Mussnug, 1997).

Being a highly reputable organization, Best Buy and Future Shop offers a variety of train ing programs and tools to ensure the growth and success of its employees. Daisy Choi, former employee of both Best Buy and Future Shop and one of the authors of this paper, recalls her personal training experience consisted of a lot of on-the-job training by shadowing and receiving mentoring by other senior employees. In addition, Best Buy and Future Shop puts a heavy emphasis on online training or, in other words, e-training. All employees are required to go over online modules that educates them on the company’s policy, procedures, values and products. Online training also cover health and safety procedures such as WHMIS, what to do in case of theft and how to detect fraud. They also heavily emphasize their four core values that “aim to develop more engaged-and ultimately, more productive-employees: * Have fun while being the best * Learn from challenge and change * Show respect, humility and integrity * Unleash the power of our people
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