Employee Training and Career Development Essay

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Employee Training and Career Development
Brandon C. Presley
June 11, 2012
Rose Aebig

Employee Training and Career Development

Training in an Organizations Development

A company has a very close affiliation with the employee and trainer because it is the first line of contact. The need for training in the company grows when the company wants to hire new recruits or when they want to expand. Training also come into play when there is change is the nature of the job, a change in the method of product development or a taste in the consumer. Some company’s try to outsource their training process and when this happens problems began to arise. Most times the organization assumes that the trainer is aware of the
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The leadership development method is used to help well performing employees raise to a leadership level. With this training, the best employees are placed in a specialized training program that helps them develop the skill they need to become team leaders. This program encourages employees to reach for higher levels, and helps the company promote from within.

Core training is a great foundation to any good development plan. It’s the foundation laid to teach new employees their job, such as duties and responsibilities, company expectations, software they will be using, as well as departmental goals. This training is usually conducted for all new hires. By giving this training it ensures employees get off on the right foot.

The Relationship between Employee Development and Organizational Development

Employee development is more future oriented and more focused on the education than job specific training. Employee development is used to enhance an employee’s ability to understand and interpret knowledge. Success employees prepare for positions of greater responsibility, have human conceptual and specialized and analytical skills. It is best to focus predominantly on educating the employee rather than just training them. This type of development was usually used for management; all employees regardless of their skill level can be developed. Although it is

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