Employee Motivation In An Organization

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Does employee motivation, drive an organization to success or failure? The true answer is that depending on the levels of motivation employees have, it can drive an organization to be very successful or be a total failure. In viewing this answer we need to further understand how motivation plays into a public/nonprofit organization. Motivation is a factor that can push a person to achieve great potential. If employees have strong motivational factors, then they will want to push themselves further which intern will benefit the organization they work for. On the other hand, if employees have low levels of motivation, then their work performance will suffer causing frustration and aggravation at work. This paper is going further discuss the …show more content…
The frame focuses on people’s basic needs and tries to understand what motivates people to perform or act in a certain way. When in working in an organization the idea is that the organization exists to serve the human needs rather than humans serving the organization (Bolman & Deal, 2013). Thus, when an employee has low motivation to perform at work, employees are disrupting the relationship between individuals and the system. When this occurs as a manager one needs to focus on the underlying issues that may cause employees to have low motivation. It does not necessarily mean that the employee who is showing low motivation is not a correct fit for the organization, rather they may have enormous ability to perform the job well but lack strong motivation skills.
Ability to be motivated at work might be affected by several factors. One factor might be that the employee showing low levels of motivation might have outside factors the disrupting one 's ability to be motivated at work. This could be due issues surrounding what is known as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. If basic needs such physiological or safety needs are not met for an individual, they may be distracted at work by this. Distractions caused by outside forces may not be within a manager’s ability to fix as the underlying cause it not created by the

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