Employee Engagement Is A Critical Area Of Research Essay

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Over the recent decade, employee engagement has grown to become a critical area of research and importance. It has shown that, most firms are willing to go above and beyond to invest in their employees, in order to enhance their productivity and more importantly, to retain them.

A brief history

In order to understand employee engagement, one needs to understand how the concept came about in the first place. In this ever evolving and competitive world, demand and efficiency are the key factors to success. Therefore, in an attempt to meet demand and out perform competition in the quickest, most efficient and profitable way, became crucial. Over time this lead to an integration of technology within firms and at every level of business operation. With the adoption and evolving of sophisticated technology and high tech equipment, there rose a need for skilled employees to handle the technology on a daily basis.

However, managers realized that these new generation workers could not be dealt with the same management style as they did in the past, because they were professionals who in addition to their basic salaries required a certain degree of independence, recognition and job satisfaction at work. Attention was then diverted towards alternative techniques and methods such as organizational citizenship behavior and various other employee engagement activities, to further involve employees into the organization. (Markos et al 2010)

Employee engagement and its…

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