Why Employee Leave

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Employees leave companies for many different reasons. They could actually have better offers, but more often than not, that is not the case for their departure. Employees will disguise their disgruntlement with organizations and hide the reasons why they leave. This was the case for me after spending over a year at a local staffing agency. I started off with the company June 2015 as an intern at the company’s corporate headquarters in Plano. Initially, my job was great, and I enjoyed going into work every day. My skills were being put to good use as I worked with upper management and even the CEO. The position was only supposed to last through the summer, but I was so happy in my role that I asked to stay. Being happy with my performance, …show more content…
Even with my faults; however, I worked hard and made sure I made up the minutes I was late because it was the right thing to do. I was entrusted with staff documents and reprimands and kept all of the information I saw to myself. Not everyone I worked with was the same way. While different groups and types people have different standards they live by, in the workplace, it is imperative to adapt personal standards to fit the standards of the organization. Doing so will ensure that everyone is being treated fairly and acting ethically. A company with employees who make an effort to do this is a company with employees who work in harmony and succeed. My supervisor, as mentioned earlier, was one to come into work late constantly and stayed out for lunch longer than the allotted time. This would not have been an issue had we been a full team, but we were short staffed and on a staggered lunch schedule, needing everyone to be back at their respective times. Because I handled staff documents, I saw that she was falsifying her timesheets and being paid for the long period of time she spent away. Eventually, the example she set was adopted by the rest of my team and they were doing the …show more content…
I enjoyed working for the company and believed in their core values; however, I was slowly distanced from my job by my direct management and the inability of the leadership team to see what areas I exceled in. Being around people who did not share the same ethical and moral standards as me took a toll on me. In addition, working in an area that was unrelated to my career and educational goals was something that pushed me even further

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