Employee Benefits Of Employee Benefit Essay

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Employee Benefit

All businesses contend with issues common to provision of employee benefit. Small businesses meet the challenges with fewer resources than large companies. Employers offer most benefit voluntarily with an eye to recruitment and retention of employee benefit, such as medical insurance, life insurance and retirement plans and small businesses often are challenged to provide employees with benefit regardless of size and resources are changed with managing employee benefit programs responsibly and legally.

Employers do not legally require providing employee. However, the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) sets minimum standard for most private industry pension and health plans, which employers provide voluntarily. Additionally, once health care insurance benefit have been offered and utilized and an employee has been terminated, (COBRA) generally makes it mandatory for insurance companies who sponsored employers with 20 or more employees, to continue to provide coverage for the terminated employee for a limited time period, provided he/she can pay the full premium on his/her own.

Job Training

Employee training issues are one of the reasons that the mention of training gets an audible groan out of most people in leadership who have had the task thrust upon them. The first issues that are often a problem in training is the active revulsion employees have to the idea of it. They expect it to be boring, instructive on at least some of their…

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